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The Wunderlich Brand has been changed to “Monier”

The Wunderlich Brand has been changed to “Monier”

Same Quality Product – Different Name! For those of you looking for one of the Industries longest surviving Brands, but have struggled to find them, the Wunderlich Brand has been changed to “Monier” which is part of the CSR Group of Companies. The Wunderlich story began in Australia over 100 years ago, when the Wunderlich brothers, Ernest, Alfred and Otto saw an opportunity to offer a colourfast roofing solution in the form of a terracotta roof tile.  Never before had Australians had access to such a beautifully crafted and enduring roofing product.  Still today, as testament to the popularity and enduring qualities of terracotta roof tiles, you will find them on the roofs of many of the houses of earlier established suburbs around the country.  The clay is sourced from Lilydale, Victoria, and the product is still manufactured at the CSR Site in Vermont, Victoria.  The recent introduction of new colours to the terracotta range solidifies Monier’s commitment to ensure that they continue to be the market leaders and deliver the very best in quality roofing products.  The ‘Coghlan’ Family has been associated with Roof Tiling in Victoria since 1947, which is when the relationship with Wunderlich/Monier Terracotta was first formed, and continues to this day. For a free estimate on your roof to install Monier Terracotta, premium roof tiles, contact us today on 9872 6740.


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