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What is Sarking / Sisalation?

What is Sarking / Sisalation?

Sisalation or Sarking as it is also known as, is an impermeable reflective foil membrane that is laid between the rafters and the tiling battens, to deliver a number of benefits to your home.

What are the benefits of sarking / sisalation?

  • Improves thermal performance by shielding the home from up to 97% of radiant heat when combined with an air-space, helping to provide a more energy efficient and comfortable home
  • Vapour permeable sarking reduces the risk of condensation formation, by allowing water vapour to be effectively managed and safely drained away
  • All sarking helps protect your home from unseen mould growth or even worse, ceiling staining or permanent damage which can result from the entry of storm driven rain into the roof cavity
  • Limits dust entering the home through gaps around down lights and vents by reducing draughts that blow dust into the roof space
  • Roof sarking is mandatory in all BAL 12.5 to 40 rated areas to meet the bush fire ember attack requirements in accordance with Australian Standard 3959, where it provides a secondary form of ember protection for the roof space.


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